Voters in Hawaii are divided on whether lawmakers should approve a gay marriage law next week.

According to a poll of 819 registered voters commissioned by news site Civil Beat and conducted by Merriman River Group, 44 percent of respondents support gay nuptials, while 44 remain opposed. Eleven percent gave no opinion or said they were unsure.

Civil Beat's April 2012 survey put support at just 37 percent and opposition at 51 percent.

“This is the trend of the country,” said Matt Fitch, executive director of Merriman River Group. “It is just something that people are moving on from. I think this is becoming less of a flashpoint. Not only that, those opposed to it are less fervent as well.”

An October 28 special session called for by Democratic Governor Neil Abercrombie will consider proposed legislation which would allow gay couples to marry in the state. The session is expected to last 5 days.

Hawaii currently recognizes gay couples with civil unions.

Currently, 14 states plus the District of Columbia have legalized gay nuptials, New Jersey being the latest state.

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