Conservative commentator and author Star Parker wants gay people to keep their sexual behavior private.

Appearing at Values Voter Summit, the 3-day conference organized by the Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC), Parker criticized liberals who say Christians should “get with the program.”

“They say that if you Christians just get with the program, rap a little, smoke a little pot, take off your clothes in front of total strangers a little, give up your guns, give up your God and your disapproval of gays, and, of course, if you would just put some really liberal Republican candidates up for statewide and national seats, then maybe, must maybe, the national comedians will stop mocking you and the national news will just ignore you instead of try to destroy you.”

“Oh, the lies of the Left.”

Parker went on to say that she was at the conference to “expose” liberals, progressives and “enemies of God.”

“Homosexuality is now dividing and bringing hostility into the public square. All sexual behaviors is adult behavior in my opinion, so keep it private,” she added to a standing ovation. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)