A stamp dedicated to the memory of slain politician and gay rights activist Harvey Milk is expected to be announced this week.

“It is official! The USPS will confirm this week that my uncle, Harvey Milk, will be commemorated on a 2014 US postage stamp. Another first!” wrote Stuart Milk in a post at the Harvey Milk Foundation's Facebook page. “My deep gratitude to everyone that supported this effort! More details, including the image, to come via USPS soon! 'Hope will never be silent' and that enduring message of hope will be on millions of letters represented by Harvey's image.”

Milk was the first openly gay elected official of a major U.S. City. He was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977 on a pledge to back gay and lesbian rights. The following year, Milk was killed by Dan White, a former supervisor.

According to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, a group that supports openly LGBT elected officials, Milk is the first openly LGBT elected official to be featured on a U.S. postage stamp.

“Harvey Milk's legacy is alive and well,” Victory Fund President Chuck Wolfe said in a blog post. “His historic run paved the way for a generation of LGBT leaders who can be open and honest about who they are, and it's encouraging to see the U.S. Postal Service honoring his legacy of perseverance and pride today.”

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