A Taiwan TV host has called on fellow Christians to speak out against a proposed gay marriage bill.

He Rong, who makes frequent appearances on GoodTV, an evangelical Christian channel in Taiwan, came out against the proposed marriage bill in a Facebook post.

“As a Christian, there are certain matters rooted in my beliefs that fall squarely into the realm of truth, and I must make my position clear,” Rong wrote.

Rong asserted that the marriage bill “will seriously impair the current institutions of family and marriage” and is being “quietly” debated by lawmakers.

“Christians cannot only be a bunch of 'silent sheep'; if we choose to ignore or comment on matters of national or social import and choose to focus on ourselves, then we would have wasted the life and mission given to us by God! Arise bravely, brothers and sisters in Christ!” he added in a separate post.

According to Shanghaiist.com, Rong's comments have been widely quoted by Taiwan media.

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