A judge in Singapore has upheld the nation's sodomy law for a second time this year.

Singapore High Court Judge Quentin Loh dismissed on Wednesday a challenge to the law which bans sex between men.

The former British colony – and the world's only island city-state – has only 5 million citizens but is the world's fourth largest financial center. Singapore's sodomy law has been in place since British rule.

The plaintiff in the case was Tan Eng Hong, whose lawyer argued that his client's homosexuality was an immutable trait like eye color, BuzzFeed.com reported.

Loh used a university survey on divided attitudes toward sexual minorities in Singapore to negate Hong's assertion.

“The fact that there is plausible evidence in support of either side must mean that this issue is at least arguable and debatable,” Loh wrote in his decision.

In a similar case decided in April and currently on appeal, Loh ruled that the “defining moral issues need time to evolve and are best left to the legislature to resolve.”

Loh reiterated his call for lawmakers to decide the issue in Wednesday's ruling.