Sean Hayes playing a gay dad in the NBC sitcom Sean Saves the World premieres Thursday.

In the series, Hayes, who is openly gay, plays a divorced gay dad who has his hands full juggling work and a teenage daughter. Linda Lavin (Barney Miller, Alice) plays his overbearing mother.

Hayes is best known for playing Jack McFarland for 8 seasons on NBC's groundbreaking sitcom Will & Grace. His portrayal of Jack, Will Truman's campy gay best friend, won him an Emmy Award, four SAG Awards and one American Comedy Award.

When sitcom-Sean is asked by his daughter (played by Samantha Isler) in the premiere how she was conceived if her father is gay, Sean rhythmically answers: “Gay. Tried not to be. Was. Was again. Was one more time because it was not unpleasant. Am.”

AP television writer Frazier Moore called the sitcom silly but funny.

Sean “is clearly built around Sean with its breakneck, almost breathless pacing, a heavy dose of physical comedy and plenty of silliness.”

Sean Saves the World also includes Thomas Lennon (Reno 911!) as Max, Sean's eccentric new boss.