Providence College, a Roman Catholic school in Rhode Island, has rescheduled a lecture on gay marriage by Dr. John Corvino, also known as the “Gay Moralist.”

Hugh F. Lena, the provost and senior vice president of Providence College, canceled the lecture on Saturday, telling The New York Times that he uninvited Corvino because the event largely focused on only one side of a controversial issue.

On Thursday, Lena announced that the event was back on.

“The Administration's decision to cancel the event had nothing to do with Dr. Corvino,” Lena wrote. “We were concerned, rather, that the event had strayed from what had originally been proposed – a presentation of philosophical and legal arguments in support of same-sex marriage by Dr. Corvino opposite a presentation of opposing arguments by a similar person of national repute.”

“As most of you know, Dr. Dana Dillon, a highly respected and accomplished member of our Theology Department, was asked at the last minute to participate in the event. She graciously agreed to do so. However, the Administration felt that it was unfair to ask Dr. Dillon, a theologian, to debate opposite someone who would be presenting philosophical and legal arguments, not theological ones. Just as our cancellation of the original event had nothing to do with Dr. Corvino, neither did we mean to imply that Dr. Dillon was incapable of debating the issue. I apologize to Dr. Dillon if our intent was not clear or was misinterpreted in any way. Along those same lines, I also want to apologize to Dr. Christopher Arroyo who was instrumental in working to organize the event and who continues to be engaged in its rescheduling. In hindsight, we should have announced that the September 26 event was merely being postponed, not canceled, until we could be sure that it went forward in the format in which it was originally proposed.”

Lena added that Corvino would be debating Sherif Girgis, a Ph.D. Student in philosophy at Princeton University and a J.D. Candidate at Yale Law School, sometime in the spring.

Corvino, the author of What's Wrong with Homosexuality? and a philosophy professor at Wayne State University (WSU) in Detroit, said Thursday that he was “agreeing to the debate.”

“It will be uncomfortable for me to go to Providence College at this point, for obvious reasons,” Corvino added. “But the main reason I want to go is for the students there. And I remind myself that Providence College is bigger than the decisions of the upper administration.”

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