R&B singer Janelle Monae says she can relate to the gay community.

The 27-year-old Kansas City native told Michigan gay weekly Pride Source that her second studio album The Electric Lady includes tracks inspired by the gay rights movement.

“I have songs on The Electric Lady – from Sally Ride to Electric Lady to Q.U.E.E.N., and the list goes on – where I definitely thought of the gay community in terms of a community that is oftentimes discriminated against and marginalized,” Monae said.

Monae added that she can relate to the gay community.

“I can relate being a woman and being African American. There is definitely stereotypes that I am fighting against. There is marginalization. There is sexism. So many things that I think we're mutually having to go through. And I have parents, I have friends, I have loved ones who come from working-class backgrounds and who have oftentimes definitely felt oppressed. And I have friends who are gay. I have people I love and care about, and I feel like I want to use my platform to bring awareness and talk about that.”

In an earlier interview, Monae said that she might be dating a lesbian android.