Broadway star Bobby Steggert has quietly announced that he's gay.

In an interview with gay glossy Out, Steggert, 32, said of his just-ended role as a gay dad opposite Tyne Daly in Terrence McNally's new play Mothers and Sons: “I think it's a gay actor's responsibility to give full-blooded life to gay characters.”

Steggert's performance in the 2009 revival of McNally's Ragtime inspired McNally to write the role for him in Mothers.

“Now I'm playing men dealing with adult issues,” Steggert said.

Steggert will play the lead in this fall's much-anticipated Broadway musical Big Fish, which is based on Daniel Wallace's 1998 novel, Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions, and John August's 2003 film, Big Fish.

“As a teen, I didn't consider what it might be like to have to say goodbye to a parent,” Steggert explained. “Now, in the show, I have to watch my dad die every night. It's what's terrifying and beautiful about this musical.”

Previews for Big Fish started September 5; opening October 6 at Neil Simon Theatre in New York City.