Singer-songwriter Steve Grand gets the boy in his sophomore music video Stay.

Grand's gay-themed All-American Boy became an instant YouTube hit when it was released on July 2, topping out at 1 million views just 8 days after its release, turning Grand into an overnight Internet celebrity.

In All-American Boy, Grand's character falls hard for another young man, who in the end says he's just looking for friendship.

Stay starts off slow with Grand's character walking alone along Chicago's lake shore. But soon he's in the back of a red pickup truck filled with bright young faces. His eyes linger on another young man. And when the truck reaches its destination, their hands touch as they each reach for a cooler.

Then they all jump into lake Michigan.

“You know, my old man's out of town for a couple days; I think that you should stay,” Grand sings as the pair share a kiss on a bench, giving Grand the happy ending that All-American Boy was missing. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

(On the Net: Steve Grand's website.)