A Christian conservative has suggested that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's recent signing of a bill banning “ex-gay” therapy to minors is tantamount to endorsing a “sex cult.”

Christie, a Republican who previously vetoed a gay marriage law approved by lawmakers, signed the bill last week, making New Jersey the second state after California to prohibit so-called conversion therapy that attempts to turn gay teens straight.

In a signing note accompanying the bill, Christie, a Catholic, said that he does not believe being gay is a choice or a sin.

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Writing at The American Thinker, conservative columnist Fay Voshell opined: “When Chris Christie signed a law against conversion therapy directed at counseling teens experiencing homoerotic feelings, he probably didn't think he had just put New Jersey on a path similar to countries like Saudi Arabia, which forbids conversion from the prevailing Muslim faith.”

“Progressivism, among other things, is really a competing religion, a sex cult founded on the tenets of the sexual revolution – a religion with its own doctrines and liturgies.”

“Churches need to wake up and see the implications of the new 'conversion therapy' laws. They need to see that they are up against a deeply religious sex cult determined to exterminate Christian mores, attack religious liberties, and suppress free speech. If they don't rise up to resist the inroads of radical progressivism, if they do not take measures to protect Christian therapists, pastors, and youth leaders, the Church will be increasingly be sidelined. The Church risks being eventually banned altogether from attempts to convert people to Christianity – just as in Saudi Arabia.”