An op-ed by pornographer-columnist Michael Lucas has angered Russian gay rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev.

Lucas, the founder and CEO of gay adult film studio Lucas Entertainment, who grew up in Russia, charged Alexeyev with abandoning gay rights to become a mouthpiece for the Russian government.

“For years, Alexeyev has been everywhere in the Western news, getting word out about the darkening situation for LGBT Russians under [President Vladimir] Putin. … Now Alexeyev has changed his tune. No longer is he saying that Russian homophobia had reached hysterical proportions; suddenly, it is the Western reaction to it that is hysterical.”

“Having spent years seeking foreign interest in his cause, Alexeyev now says foreigners are an intrusion on Russia. Having bragged continually of his many interviews in the Western media, and built a large part of his career on them, he now rails against that same Western media. Once the most vociferous public opponent of Russia's ugly antigay laws, he now says their dangers have been exaggerated by 'the West.' It is indeed a remarkable change.”

Lucas wrote that Alexeyev had “betrayed his former cause” and was now a Kremlin stooge. (In fact, the article is titled The Kremlin's New Pocket Gay.)

In a series of tweets, Alexeyev claimed that Lucas' opinion piece had set back gay rights in Russia 5-7 years, was the reason for him leaving activism, and could lead to the dead of his mother.

“I will sue Michael Lucas for this article,” Alexeyev tweeted. “2 million USD moral damages.”

“All 30 cases at European Court on all aspects of LGBT human rights violations in Russia will be withdrawn. Thanks to @MichaelLucasNYC.”

“If my 72yo mum dies because of @MichaelLucasNYC article I will personally hire a contract killer to kill him. He will not get unpunished,” he later added.