Bill Hader says gay men are not offended by his campy Saturday Night Live (SNL) character Stefon.

Stefon was Weekend Update's flamboyant New York City correspondent who is in love with Seth Meyers. Meyers plays himself as the anchor of Weekend Update. During the show's season finale, a jealous Meyers interrupted Stefon's wedding to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

“Did anyone think that gays would be offended?” Larry King asked Hader on Larry King Now. “I know satire is a thin line.”

“No one was really offended that I know of,” Hader replied. “The nice thing that I heard, actually, I've had a couple of gay men stop me on the street and say how much they liked it, and that the joke wasn't that he was gay, necessarily. A lot of times, the joke is that your gay. The joke is really that, I think he's on a lot of drugs. And that what he's saying may not be real. And that he's bad at his job.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)