Just three months after cable television saw its first two-mom family in ABC Family's The Fosters, along comes upstart Pivot's Jersey Strong.

But the mothers in this television series set to debut September 14 are not acting.

Jersey Strong is a docu-series from the Peabody Award-winning producers of the critically-acclaimed and Emmy-nominated Brick City.

The series builds around two families. Jayda and Creep are raising two young kids while pursuing their careers and following their dreams. Jayda is a former Blood gang member, while Creep is a Crip. Their family life is juxtaposed alongside Brooke's life. The Jayda and Brooke are connected by the fact that Brooke, a trial attorney, once represented Jayda, who now looks to help other women in Newark.

“I was given a second chance to turn my life around,” Jayda says in the show's pilot. “My ultimate goal is to have a non-profit organization to really help the young ladies in Newark.”

Brooke and her fiancee Maggie, who has two college-aged children from a previous relationship, live and work together.

“Right now I'm still like figuring it all out. Like [I'm] sometimes curious how the kids really see me,” Brooke says. “I battle with what my role really is.”

We don't see Jayda and Brooke together until the pilot's final frames.

“Give me some love,” Jayda says as the women share a hug.