The Colbert Report this week visited the town of Vicco, Kentucky in search of “people who are destroying America.”

The segment's target was Mayor Johnny Cummings, who is “a gay mayor destroying America” with his gay agenda, the segment sarcastically reported.

“Americans count on small towns to uphold traditional morality, but Mayor Cummings is using his office to implement the gay agenda,” a narrator says in a voiceover.

Cummings, also the town hairdresser, helped put tiny Vicco on the map as the smallest town (population 334) in America with an ordinance on the books banning discrimination based on sexual orientation.

All of the townspeople interviewed for the report praised Cummings' work except for local pastor Truman Hurt, who said that he had nothing against gay people but wished they would “go back in the closet where they belong.”

Hurt noted that gay people congregate in a bar, turning it gay.

“I've been to a gay bar in Dallas, Texas. … And was very familiar as to what goes on in a gay bar. I was at the gay bar to get a beer. I just walked in to the place. I was just making, just making ...”

“... friends?” the narrator rhetorically asks.

“... my rounds. It just happened to be a place that said ...”

“... gay bar?”

“... beer. That's where I stopped.”

Another resident added: “If [God] is against it, why did he make 'em born that way? I can't understand that. I've tried and tried and tried to understand that. I just can't.”

(Watch the entire segment at Comedy Central.)