A Florida condominium association has adopted a policy that prohibits gay couples from buying into the neighborhood.

Casa Di Amici Condo in Venice adopted the restriction in July. It states that only single people or couples legally married as “husband and wife” can purchase a home.

“Sales limited to individual or husband and wife,” the document states.

“I could not believe what I was reading,” Julia Nowak, a gay realtor, told Tampa Bay CBS affiliate WTSP. “It basically says you have to be either a single person or a husband and wife to purchase a unit here.”

The restriction “basically excludes gay people, it excludes two elderly people who want to save on their Social Security so they don't get married,” Nowak said.

Attorney Mary Greenwood of the Brandon Law Center called the restriction “discriminatory” but also agreed with the condo association's attorney, who insists that “there's nothing illegal or contrary to federal, state or local ordinances.”

The Miami New Times notes that the condo units are located just outside of Venice, in unincorporated Sarasota County. Which means that the city's anti-discrimination ordinance cannot be enforced.