A gay marriage law in Uruguay takes effect on Monday, though it might be several days before the first wedding takes place.

Among the first expected to marry are two men together 14 years.

Sergio Miranda and Rodrigo Borda expect to be the first couple to receive a wedding date from the Registry Office as the law comes online Monday.

The men met in 1999 during a Noche de la Nostalgia (Night of Nostalgia), Uruguay's annual August 24 celebration in which thousands of people cram into bars to dance the night away to the hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Since that night, Miranda told Spanish news agency Efe, we have “never parted.”

“I have a feeling that on Monday there won't be many people and also that the first couples to be married will be like us, with a relationship of various years living together,” said Miranda.

Argentina legalized gay nuptials in 2010. In Mexico, two states plus Mexico City allow such unions. Brazilian courts have effectively legalized marriage for gay couples in that nation, but full legalization hinges on passage of a stalled law in Congress. Colombian lawmakers earlier this year rejected a marriage law, sending gay rights activists back to court with mixed results.

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