Josh Thomas, the creator and star of the upcoming comedy Please Like Me, crushes on One Direction's Harry Styles and Beyonce.

In Please Like Me, Thomas plays a man who realizes that he is gay after his girlfriend (played by Caitlin Stasey) breaks up with him over fears he might be gay. The show's first season premieres in the United States Thursday on nascent cable network Pivot. The network, in association with Australia's ABC2, has green-lighted a second season consisting of ten episodes.

“The best thing about being on television is you get to kiss people that are out of your league, do you know what I mean?” he rhetorically asked during an AP interview. “Obviously, it's Harry Stiles.”

“Why do I love Harry Stiles? Please. What's not to like? He's so beautiful. He's always jumping around, always jumping around on the beach. I love those kids always jumping and like falling on each other. Such beautiful hair. And then, they're always just a bit gay. They do just slightly gay things. Like they hug each other and sit in each other's lap, or there's these photos with all touching each other's butts. Just this hint of queer.”

“Female celebrity crush is obviously Beyonce. I just don't think you can ever beat Beyonce in any category of anything. The only reason she didn't win the male celebrity crush is because she's not a male.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)