Televangelist Pat Robertson says that the gay community is out to “destroy” the church, the military, marriage and businesses.

“The gay community wants an affirmation of the way they do sex,” Robertson told his 700 Club viewers. “And they're willing, first of all, to destroy the church, if need be, then to destroy the military, if need be, then to destroy marriage, if need be, and then to destroy businesses, if need be. In order to have an affirmation of the fact that the way they perform sex acts is acceptable by the society.”

Robertson added that he fears Christians will go to jail for attempting to save gays from going to hell.

“If there are 100 million Christians in America, maximum two percent of the population are homosexual and one percent are lesbian. Is that minority going to destroy all of the foundations of the morality of the majority?”

“If you see somebody who is not going to heaven [gays] and you really love him you want to do what it takes to get him into heaven. If you don't care about him, you let him go to hell,” Robertson said. “We are a people who love and yet now your love is going to put you in jail because the people who are going to hell feel their lifestyle – think, 'Well, we want to be affirmed.'” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)