A Maryland-based company on Monday launched a mobile app which seeks to document LGBT history.

Sarah Prager, the 26-year-old creator of the project, said that Quist users will receive daily updates on LGBT historical events that happened on that date.

“Presenting LGBTQ history through this interactive medium is one of the most engaging ways these stories have been shared with the world,” Prager said in a press release.

“Events range from LGBTQ individuals' contributions to the arts and sciences, watershed moments in the LGBTQ liberation movements, milestones of the HIV epidemic, specific love stories from the last several hundred years, significant court cases and executions, and worldwide 'firsts' from the first transgender member of parliament's election to the first time a same-sex wedding aired on a sitcom,” the company said.

Historical entries are being curated by a team of volunteers from around the world. The app currently contains over 750 events and the team hopes to reach 1,000 by October in celebration of LGBT History Month.

Quist combines the words “queer” and “history.”