NBC Sports Group Chairman Mark Lazarus on Saturday said that NBC would provide coverage of Russian anti-gay laws if they affected the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The laws, signed in recent weeks by Russian President Vladimir Putin, prohibit gay and lesbian couples from adopting Russian-born children and the public promotion of gay rights. The nation's “gay propaganda” law also applies to foreign nationals, who could be detained for up to 2 weeks for publicly showing support for the LGBT community.

At a Television Critics Association (TCA) panel, Lazarus said that all Olympic host nations “come with political and social issues, and we will address those issues as they are relevant at the times of the games.”

“Obviously, as a company, we are for equality and opportunity for all,” he added. “We don't believe in the spirit of the law they have passed, and we are hopeful the Olympic spirit will win out.”

Last week, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said that they have assurances that the laws would not be enforced at the Winter Olympics, which are set to begin February 6.

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