Actress Laverne Cox gives her advice to transgender teenage couple Arin Andrews and Katie Hill.

In an interview to promote the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black, Cox – who is a transgender woman playing a transgender character on the show – was asked how her character differs from her real life experience.

“What's interesting to me, I think a lot about trans women who sort of compensate before they transition to sort of try to be really masculine. And Sophia is that person. Firefighters is very sort of macho job,” Cox said of her character on the show. “But for me, I was very feminine my whole life. That's the difference between me and Sophia.”

When asked for advice for Andrews and Hill, Cox cheered on the couple.

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“I'm a single woman in New York, so I'm kind of jealous. I don't even know if I have advice for them. … I'm envious in a lot of ways and I'm just so grateful they get to have these adolescent experiences in their true gender in ways that I didn't get to have. So, I'm just like live your life and be happy and be true to yourself.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

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