Chris Kluwe, punter for the Oakland Raiders, and Brendon Ayanbadejo, a former linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, recently were asked whether gay men ask them for sex.

Last year, Kluwe and Ayanbadejo, both of whom are raising children with their wives, came out strongly for gay marriage, becoming the NFL's most outspoken supporters.

In an interview with gay glossy Out, the football players were asked whether “another man ever asked you to blow him?”

Ayanbadejo: “The straight women are more aggressive than the gay men. They say a lot more ridiculous things than a gay man would say on social media. Whatever the guys say, I know a lot of it is joking – just being fun, flirting – whereas a woman will go way out there and say some crazy stuff. If I replied to a woman saying that kind of stuff, my wife wouldn't appreciate it. So the guys, I'll say, 'Maybe in another life,' or something else, joking around. It's never gone that far.”

Kluwe: “People will say things [on the Internet] that they would never say to your face in real life. The key is just to be comfortable with whom you are. I'm happily married to my wife, so you just laugh at it and give a funny response – that's what people are looking for.”

When the men were asked why they don't marry each other, both answered, “Maybe in another life.”