An Arizona man presumed dead reemerged 16 years later and claims that he left his family because he's gay.

While attending a real estate seminar in San Diego, Eric Myers vanished without a trace, leaving behind his wife and 5 children, two daughters and three adopted boys from Vietnam.

Myers disappeared in 1991. The case went unsolved and Myers was declared dead by his family.

“I just wanted it all to end. I wanted everything to end,” Myers told ABC's 20/20.

From the outside, the deeply religious family appeared to have achieved the American dream of financial success and family bliss.

But a close friend said that Myers was in debt “big time” and that his marriage was faltering as he headed to his meeting in San Diego.

Myers said that he was robbed in San Diego and with only a few hundred dollars in his pocket decided the next day to head to Mexico, where he bought a bus ticket to Cabo San Lucas.

“At 6 years old, I knew I was attracted, drawn very heavily toward other people [of] my same sex,” Myers said.

He said that he believed marrying and starting a family would alter his sexuality.

Myers returned to the United States, setting down roots in the gay-friendly city of Palm Springs, California, where he met Sean Lung, his partner.

In 1996, Myers was declared legally dead and his family cashed in a life insurance policy worth $800,000. The money was placed in trusts for his two daughters. The insurance company is currently suing to get its money back, with interest.

Myers reemerged in 2007, sending emails to friends and family members.

“There was never any plan to come back, just like there was never any plan to leave, and it just happened,” said Myers.

Myers has since reunited with most of his family, except his youngest daughter, Kirsten Myers Ruggiano, now 30. Ruggiano has not spoken with her father.

“I know a lot of people who would never do this … Absolutely never blame it on their homosexuality. I don't believe that he is capable of love,” she said.