Actors Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff are no longer an item, according to

The site reported that the couple's relationship ended “not well” but did not disclose any details.

In September, the 36-year-old Quinto (Star Trek Into Darkness) confirmed rumors that he was dating Glee guest star Groff, the 28-year-old star of the film C.O.G.

“I'm incredibly happy. I'm incredibly lucky,” he said of the relationship in an Out cover story.

Star Trek co-star Chris Pine later described the couple as “fantastic.”

“Jonathan [Groff], who he's dating, is such a lovely man,” Pine told Out. “He's a good guy and a great actor, and they make a fantastic couple. I couldn't have been happier for Zach.”

Quinto, who came out in 2011, has since said that no good could come from remaining closeted.

“One of the most defining conversations that I had with myself was that absolutely no good can come from me staying quiet about [my sexuality],” Quinto said. “Literally, no good can come from it. But if I take the step to make the acknowledgment and be honest, so much good could potentially come from it.”