Singer Adam Lambert says it's “not that hard” for parents to embrace their LGBT children.

Lambert, 31, was asked to comment on his role as an openly gay celebrity after performing at AT&T's Live Proud event to benefit The Trevor Project at the Playhouse in Hollywood.

“That's been my mission this whole time, to encourage people to be who they are,” Lambert told gay glossy The Advocate. “Don't mimic me. I'm not your example. I'm only trying to get people to do what they want.”

When asked what he would say to the unsupportive parents of LGBT children, Lambert said: “I think a lot of older generation parents believe that the life of a LGBT person is going to be really hard and fraught with all this turmoil. Well, most of that turmoil comes from a family rejecting them, so the first step is a family embracing a person for who they are. And that's not that hard. You look around major cities around the country, it's not hard. There's great community, great support system, and there's a lot of gay kids out there. It's not that difficult.”