Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple, the oldest and largest conservative Jewish congregation in Los Angeles, has responded to anger over the decision to perform gay weddings.

Ahead of the Supreme Court decision which paved the way for same-sex marriages to resume in California, Wolpe announced that same-sex weddings will be performed at his synagogue.

The decision angered some members of the congregation. Loud protests were heard form the temple's sizable group of Iranian-American Jews.

“To officiate a union that is expressly not for the same godly purpose of procreation and to call such a relationship 'sanctified' is unacceptable to a sound mind,” wrote N. Michael Nunn in an open letter to fellow congregants. “Homosexuality is explicitly condemned in Scripture and has been categorically and passionately rejected by all classical Jewish legal and ethical thinkers as a cardinal vice in the same category as incest, murder and idolatry.”

In an appearance on PRI's The World, Wolpe said that he wasn't surprised by the level of anger.

“But it also should be said that the response subsequently, including from members of the Iranian community, has been positive and sometimes even overwhelmingly so,” Wolpe said. “And I think that the velocity of social change that you see in America in general also has its own momentum inside institutions. And once you begin to introduce this idea, even people who initially react against it start to moderate and mollify a little bit and see it in a different light.”

Wolpe added that he has yet to be asked to perform such a ceremony.