Peter Lucas Moses on Friday was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole for the 2010 murders of a 4-year-old “gay” boy and a woman.

According to the News & Observer, Moses, 28, pleaded guilty last year to murdering 28-year-old Antoinetta Yvonne McKoy and 4-year-old Jadon Higganbothan.

Moses led a “religious” group of five women and nine homeschooled children, all of whom lived with Moses in southeast Durham, North Carolina. He fathered all of the children except for Jadon. The AP identified Moses' sect as the Black Hebrews, which believes in an impending race war.

Vania Rae Sisk had been told by Moses to “get rid” of her son, who Moses feared might be gay because his father had left Sisk.

Moses, according to court testimony, became angry sometime in October 2010 when he found out that Jadon had stuck another child's bottom. He ordered the women to set up computers and speakers in the garage, then took Jadon in the garage and shut the door. With religious music playing, the women heard a gunshot.

He admitted to killing McKoy in December of the same year after he learned she was barren and wanted to leave the group.

One of the women escaped the house and told police that the remaining three women encouraged Moses to kill McKoy because they feared him going to jail.

McKoy's mother, Yvonne McKoy, told Moses, who suffers from bi-polar disorder and other mental health issues, that he had taken “something very dear and precious from me.”

“There is not a day I don't think about her,” she said. “There will come a time I can forgive you, but I just haven't gotten to that state now. … If I don't forgive you, God can't forgive me and I can't see my child again. … This is like a nightmare.”

“I am sorry for what happened to your daughter,” Moses quietly said.