Director Lucia Puenzo's daring film about an intersex teenage girl asked to decide on her sex opens in New York today.

XXY is the story of Alex, raised a girl her entire life she possesses both male and female sets of reproductive organs. Now at puberty she is being asked to “choose” her sex by her parents who have invited a plastic surgeon to discuss the issue with her. Complications arise when Alex develops a crush on Alvaro the surgeon's teenage son. He also is suffering gender identity issues. Alex's search for her true identity forces both families to face their worst fears.

The film's powerful message of love transcending sexuality is only heightened by its beautiful backgrounds and dramatic visual style.

Puenzo, who wrote the script based on the short story Cinismo by Sergio Bizzio (also her husband), talks about the film in a candid interview on the website Cinema Without Borders (

She says about her subject matter, “I was especially interested in the dilemma of inevitable choice. These young people must not only choose between living as a man or a woman, but they also struggle with the decision of whether to live as a singularly gendered person or with an identity that recognizes intersex itself as an identity and not merely as a place of passage.”

“...I wanted to find a way to show them [Alex and Alvaro] in a small love story between two very young persons who, while they were falling in love, would be discovering their identity.”

“...I would say XXY speaks about freedom of choice, identity and desire.”

XXY has won numerous prestigious film festival awards across the globe. In the US, XXY won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

The film is set to be screened in the following cities: New York (May 2nd), Boston (May 21st), Portland (May 30th), San Francisco (August 1st), Berkeley (August 1st), Washington DC (August 15th), and Los Angeles (August 15th).