Gay Marine couple Matt and Russ, whose YouTube videos have turned them into Internet celebrities, are engaged to marry.

In the description of a new video posted on RussMarine2014's YouTube account, Russ wrote: “Matt completely surprised me by proposing during my welcome home party. It turns out he had been planning it for months. I am so happy!”

In the video, Matt is seen going down on bended knee, presenting an engagement ring and asking: “Will you marry me?”

A surprised Russ, just back from a military operation in the desert, answers “yes.” The men share a kiss and a hug as friends cheer them on, followed by a slow dance. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

The men explained in an earlier video how they started dating.

“There was no real defined line on what our first date was, because we were good friends before we started dating,” Russ said. “So, like, we hung out all the time. And then we're like, 'Hey we're dating now.' Then we hung out all the time afterward.”