Harry Connick Jr. says he's not knowledgeable enough to speak out on behalf of gay rights.

Connick, 45, made his remarks during an appearance on HuffPost Live.

Speaking about his guest appearances on the NBC sitcom Will & Grace, Connick said that he “felt like my character didn't gel with the pace of that show.”

He added that the show, which ran for 8 seasons, undeniably opened a dialogue for gay rights.

“It was so articulately and elegantly done and presented,” he said. “A show like that is a force. And undeniably at some point it's going to have a social type of impact. … You had to know it would start to open a dialogue for people. And it did.”

But when asked for his opinion on the current state of the gay rights movement, Connick demurred, saying he's an entertainer.

“I'm an entertainer. I get on stage and I play and I sing and I act. That's what I do. There are people who are very, very knowledgeable about those issues and what needs to be done to help advance those types of legislation issue. … I'm not that guy. I don't know how to do that. And I rarely talk about my personal or political beliefs for that reason. … You want to talk about how to play piano? Let's go.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)