French citizens Didier Ounnas and Gilles Barral married Wednesday at the French embassy in Basilia, Brazil, the nation's capital.

Ounnas, 46, and Barral, 51, are the first gay couple to marry outside France under a new law which took effect late last month, Reuters reported.

The ceremony was officiated by consul Frank Laval.

The men, residents of the Brazilian city of Salvador da Bahia, wore light tan sportscoats over dark blue shirts and ties to the ceremony.

According to Le Monde, the men first met in 1988, on the dance floor of a club which no longer exists in the southern French city of Aix-en-Provence, and moved to Brazil in 2000.

Ounnas said their story “with its ups and downs” was ordinary. He added that if the option had been available, they would have married from the beginning.