Televangelist Pat Robertson on Tuesday claimed that gay rights were destroying the Boy Scouts of American (BSA), marriage and society.

On the 700 Club, Robertson called the BSA's recent decision to allow openly gay scouts, but not adults, in its program a “terrible shame.”

“It's a terrible shame when the people who are homosexual amount to a maximum 2 percent of the population, those who are lesbian about 1 percent, it's a tiny minority. But they are willing to rip apart the framework of traditional marriage, to rip apart an organization that has done so much good for young people, the Boy Scouts, to rip apart certain of these other things that we have counted as important in our society. All for one thing: that the way they do sex will be accepted in the mainstream of society. Two percent deciding what the rest of us does and they are willing to destroy it.”

“Hollywood and the so-called liberal media has jumped on board that this is the new civil rights. Well, I don't think so,” Robertson said.

“But in any event, it breaks your heart to see the Boy Scouts … torn up in order to accommodate a few kids that want to do sex with each other. It just boggles the mind.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)