Web series Where The Bears Are returned Monday for its second season.

The comedy series combines a murder mystery plot and lots of large furry men.

In season one, three gay roommates – Reggie (played by Rick Copp), Wood (Joe Dietl) and Nelson (Ben Zook) – attempted to solve the murder of a man who turned up dead in their Silver Lake, California bathroom the day after a birthday party.

In the show's sophomore season opener, the roommates attend a pool party fundraiser for a local politician, where Wood hits it off with one of the guests, Nelson has a run in with his boyfriend's ex, and Reggie loses his interest in a man after he discovers that he runs a non-profit that builds homes for orphans.

Before the episode ends, one of them is accused of murdering the candidate for city council. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Joining the cast in the new season will be comedian Margaret Cho, who plays the role of a dominatrix.