The current issue of The Economist has President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping recreating a famous scene from Brokeback Mountain, the 1997 Oscar-winning gay cowboy movie from Director Ang Lee.

This cowboy film is titled The Summit and features Obama playing the part of Ennis Del Mar (played in Brokeback Mountain by Heath Ledger) and Jinping the part of Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal), down to his black cowboy hat and dark-brown leather gloves. Playing the part of Ennis' former wife, Alma Beer Del Mar (Michelle Williams), is Michelle Obama, who is seen in the background smiling.

Reviews are stellar.

“He stole his heart (and then his intellectual property),” an unnamed reviewer is quoted.

Team America meets Kung Fu Panda,” writes another.

The tagline “Shortlisted for a Golden Globe” appears at the bottom of the cover.

The accompanying story about this weekend's summit makes no reference to the themes suggested in the cover, other than to say that the two leaders need to make a “commitment to get to know each other better.”