Comedian Ellen DeGeneres, the host of the daytime talker The Ellen DeGeneres Show, is by far the most visible openly gay public figure in the United States.

According to a Pew Research Center poll of 1,505 adults released Thursday, 32 percent of respondents cited DeGeneres when asked, “What entertainment or public figures, if any, first come to mind who are gay or lesbian?”

Jason Collins, the NBA free agent who came out gay in April on the cover of Sports Illustrated, was named by 7 percent.

The 55-year-old DeGeneres publicly came out gay on the cover of TIME magazine in 1997.

Others named included singer Elton John (6%), comedian Rosie O'Donnell (3%), former Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank (3%), CNN anchor Anderson Cooper (3%), the late actor Rock Hudson (3%), the late pianist Liberace (2%), Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin (2%), and actor Neil Patrick Harris (1%).

Thirty-eight percent of respondents could not name an openly gay public figure.