Bob Vander Plaats of The Family Leader is proud of his role in ousting three Iowa Supreme Court justices over their participation in the court's unanimous 2009 ruling which brought gay marriage to the Midwest.

The court's Varnum v. Brein decision angered social conservatives, who mounted a successful 2010 campaign to oust three of the justices. Vander Plaats led the effort to punish the justices. However, a subsequent campaign last year to vote a fourth justice off the bench failed. And this year, the Republican-led House ignored his group's calls to approve a constitutional amendment which would reverse the law by defining marriage as a heterosexual union.

Earlier this week, conservative radio host Steve Deace and Vander Plaats, an unsuccessful 2010 candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, launched the Lead or Get Out of The Way campaign, a weekly 30 minute discussion of how conservatives can lead in their local communities.

Deace said that the justices were fired because they assumed God's authority.

The justices were not fired “because of criminal malfeasance or negligence or a personal scandal but because they essentially said, your state supreme court said, 'We are God,'” Deace said. “'We can undo what God has brought together. … We can redefine marriage. We can amend the constitution as we see fit.'”

“The people fired those three justices because the founders gave the power of the king to the people. And so when you have an unelected body, like supreme court justices saying, 'You know, I'm going to lead, 'cause you guys aren't going to lead, so I'm going to lead.' That's what they did. So they led and they led contrary to the way we wanted them to lead. So now we had to inspire the people to say join the movement and let's hold these three accountable. And they did. And everybody told us, 'It's never happened before. It'll never happen now.' And by 8 percentage points all three justices went down.”