Bishop E.W. Jackson, the GOP nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia, has reiterated his opposition to gay rights.

In an appearance on Janet Mefferd's radio show, Jackson called homosexuality “wrong and unacceptable.”

“Homosexuality is a sexual behavior and it is a behavior that the Bible says is wrong and unacceptable,” Jackson said. “To equate that with civil rights for black people or for women is so specious that it just amazes me that people buy into it, but they buy into it because it is emotionally appealing. It has no logic to it whatsoever.”

Jackson also defended his previous anti-gay rhetoric by saying that it would “betray God” to reassess those remarks, which he claimed were made “without venom or hatred.”

In October, Jackson criticized President Barack Obama for endorsing gay marriage and predicted that African-American voters would “overwhelmingly” vote against the president as a result.