Brandon Morgan and Dalan Wells, the couple who attracted national attention with a homecoming kiss, are engaged to marry.

Returning home from a six-month deployment in Afghanistan last year, Morgan was met on the tarmac by his boyfriend, Wells, an artist.

A photo of Morgan leaping into Wells' arms for a kiss received thousands of comments and likes after it was posted on the Gay Marines Facebook page. Most commenters left notes of encouragement.

The response, Morgan said, was “overwhelming.”

“It's been overwhelming, honestly. I didn't expect this. We didn't do it for the fame at all.”

“It is a homecoming picture,” he said. “Gay, straight, lesbian no matter who you are, love is love.”

On Saturday, the pair posted a video in which Morgan asked Wells to be his husband.

In the 40-second clip, Wells and Morgan are seen dining in a restaurant as Wells expresses surprise that an unseen couple is marrying after dating less than a year.

“Well, with that,” Morgan says, getting up from the table.

“Nooooo,” a surprised Wells says.

On bended knee, Morgan asks, “Dalan Wells will you do me the honor of spending your life with me?”

Wells immediately agrees and the two share a hug and kiss. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)