Comedian Judy Gold says it shouldn't take a family member's coming out for people to support gay rights.

Gold, 50, is raising two children, Henry and Ben.

The stand-up comic and Daytime Emmy Award-winner for her work producing The Rosie O'Donnell Show discussed the impact of coming out during a Huff Post Live appearance.

“If you think about Harvey Milk, and his whole message was come out, come out and people will know that they know and love a gay person. And I think everyone in this country knows and loves a gay person, whether or not they realize it.”

Gold gave as examples former Vice President Dick Cheney, whose daughter is lesbian, and Ohio Senator Rob Portman, whose son is gay. Both of whom are Republicans and support gay marriage.

Gold agreed with the show's host that it shouldn't take a family member's coming out to support marriage equality.

“No, it shouldn't,” Gold said. “But it humanizes it.”

“My kids, they don't understand why gay people can't get married. It makes absolutely no sense to them. I think that this generation, my children, they're going to change the world,” she added. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)