As France's gay marriage law prepares to take effect next week, a video surfaces showing how gay and lesbian couples married with the help of Google+.

Hangouts are the social network's teleconferencing feature. It allows up to 10 people in different locations to participate in the video call simultaneously.

In the nearly three-minute video released this week by the LGBT rights group Tous Unis Pour L'Egalite (All United for Equality), we meet Jacques and Pierre.

The couple met in 1976 and have been together nearly 40 years.

“We're not young anymore,” men say. “We haven't got 20 years ahead of us and same-sex marriage is still not legal [in France]. We don't want to deny anyone their rights. We just want the same rights for everyone.”

The men are married in a Google+ hangout by a mayor from Belgium, where such unions have been legal for a decade.

Other couples follow.

“In these debates we talk a lot about equality. We talk a lot about liberty. But not enough about brotherhood,” one of the grooms says. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Gay couples are expected to begin marrying under France's new law on Wednesday.