Activists working to overturn the Boy Scouts of America's (BSA) ban on gay scouts and leaders called Thursday's decision a “first step.”

At its annual gathering outside Dallas, Texas, 61 percent of the roughly 1,400 volunteer leaders from scouting's 270 councils approved a proposal put forth by the BSA to end its ban on openly gay scouts. The resolution, which takes effect January 1, keeps in place a ban on gay adults.

Zach Wahls, the young charismatic Iowa man who came to national prominence two years ago defending his two-mom family at an Iowa House hearing, was among the activists who spoke to reporters immediately after the decision was announced.

“I'm extraordinarily pleased with today's outcome,” Wahls said. “It is a step in the right direction. But our work goes on.”

“I got into this fight because my two moms, Jackie and Terry, were two of the most incredible leaders that a young scout could ever ask for. And the idea that we would ever prevent parents like mine, parents like Jen [Tyrrell], from being leaders in the Boy Scouts is unacceptable.”

Greg Bourke, an ousted scout leader, said he was “still quite disappointed.”

“This is a small step forward,” said Mark Noel, who also was expelled from the organization's leadership rooster. “The Boy Scouts of America have a long way to go.”

“The fact that this policy comes with an expiration date for every young LGBT scout in the program means that it is still discriminatory. There is still a double standard. There is only good way to grow up under the now current policy. And that is to grow up straight,” he added.