Teri Polo and Sherri Saum says they are proud of the upcoming series The Fosters.

In the ABC Family show, Polo (Meet the Parents) and Saum (Rescue Me) play a married lesbian couple who are coping with raising three children when a wayward teenage girl is added to the family.

In an interview with lesbian glossy Curve, Polo and Saum said they could identify with their characters.

“I think this is the closest to me I've played in my life, as a mother, as someone who loves someone else and has feelings for some else,” Polo said. “This is an extraordinarily relevant show and it's a timely show and I'm incredibly proud to be a part of something that means something.”

Saum added: “I don't think I've ever been a part of such a collaborative, supportive, creative team of people. We've all living our dreams. Especially for the creators of our show, for getting something off the ground that's really close to their hearts and just a dream come true all around.”

The hour-long drama from executive producer Jennifer Lopez premieres Monday, June 3.