Comedian Kathy Griffin says a lesbian president would be “a dream.” Her choice would be money guru Suze Orman.

Griffin made her remarks on the red carpet at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center's annual fundraiser An Evening with Women.

Among those attending Saturday's event were Ozzy, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, Meredith Baxter, Jessica Clark, Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry.

“The lesbians, I'm going to be honest, tough to make laugh, notoriously tough,” Griffin told LGBT Hollywood. “I expect the lesbians tonight to laugh like gay men, damn it. That's right. I'm not judging your sexual orientation. I'm just saying for one night, laugh like a gay man.”

“I freaking love my lesbians.”

“Let me tell you. You know that I've been saying President Orman for a while. So, I love my Barack Obama, but I'm saying President Orman would be a very good move.”

“Can you imagine a lesbian president?” she asked. “What a dream. You girls need to organize, mobilize and get a lesbian in the White House so she can take care of things.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)