In a column, Christian conservative Les Kinsolving compares people who engage in bestiality with gay men and lesbians.

In the May 20 opinion piece, titled Why Not An Additional “B” To LGBT?, Kinsolving suggests gay people are lower than people who engage in bestiality because the latter does not spread HIV/AIDS or syphilis, unlike gays.

“If lesbians, male homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals should have the right to marriage licenses – as a few states, including Maryland, now provide – why should the real animal lovers (whose orientation is bestiality) not be allowed to marry?” Kinsolving wrote.

“The argument that animals are incapable of making a choice is surely invalid in that some animals choose to run away when fondled by humans, while others do not – which certainly indicates their ability to choose.”

“Have there ever been any reports that apprehended practitioners of bestiality have as high a rate of AIDS and syphilis as do homosexuals?” he added.

Equality Matters notes that Kinsolving stated in 2012 that Maryland voters would reject a marriage equality law because gays are more likely to have syphilis.