With 14 days left in the legislative session, a Minnesota House panel will consider a gay marriage bill on Monday.

The House Ways & Means Committee will review the proposed legislation nearly two months after the House Civil Law Committee approved it with a 10-7 vote.

Democrats introduced the bill which would make Minnesota the 11th state to legalize gay nuptials following the defeat of a statewide ballot initiative in November which sought to define marriage as a heterosexual union in the Minnesota Constitution.

But while a majority of voters rejected the ban, an uneven distribution among districts has left many Democrats torn on the issue.

Sixty-three percent of voters in Rep. Tim Faust's district voted for the amendment.

In comments over the weekend with the Kanabec County Times, Faust, also a Lutheran pastor, said he's leaning in favor of the proposed bill.

“'Don't take my religious freedom away from me,' is what a lot of them say,” Faust told the paper. “The problem is that the religious freedom argument cuts both ways, because if you are going to argue that we shouldn't have gay marriage based on your religious beliefs, then aren't we imposing your religious beliefs on somebody else if we say they can't?”

“In order for the churches to actually be the ones that are deciding, the state has to get out of that business and say it's not up to us,” Faust said.

Meanwhile, supporters announced they would increase their lobbying efforts in the final weeks of the regular legislative session.