Jason Collins, the NBA free agent who came out gay on Monday, says he's “humbled” by the overwhelming support he has received.

Collins' coming out has been applauded by President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and former President Bill Clinton. A number of athletes and celebrities have also expressed support.

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In an interview with cabler TNT, Collins said it was “amazing” and “overwhelming” to wake up on Tuesday without having to hide.

“Humbling, the amount of support I've received,” Collins said. “And I'm truly blessed to have the people that I have have my back. And just support me and lift me up.”

“I hope it will encourage others to live an honest and genuine life.”

“Once you put down that mask and, you know, live an authentic life, it's liberating. And you don't have to hide anymore, you can just be yourself.”

Collins added that he's not ready to retire from the NBA.

“I still have a love for the game and I still feel that I can offer an NBA ball club, you know, that veteran leadership. I think I've proven that by doing this, you know, not only want to talk the talk, but I'll walk the walk.”

(Watch the segment at CNN.)