Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes compared the NBA to the television series Glee following the coming out of Jason Collins.

Collins is the U.S.'s first openly gay professional athlete. The 34-year-old Collins, an NBA free agent, came out in a cover story for Sports Illustrated.

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According to an analysis conducted by Equality Matters, Fox News devoted less than ten minutes on Monday to Collins' historic coming out, significantly less time than competitors CNN (48 minutes) and MSNBC (29 minutes).

The story also received little coverage online from Fox. Collins' coming out earned a small type hyperlink at the bottom of

And in a series of tweets, Starnes made light of the story.

“Have any professional athletes announced they are heterosexual today?” Starnes messaged.

“The NBA is turning into GLEE.”

“Remember when professional athletes were judged on their athletic prowess – and not who they bedded?”