A new Harris Interactive study reveals gay men are nearly three times more likely to have visited an online dating service compared to their heterosexual counterparts. Just over one-quarter (26%) of gay adult men answered that they had visited a dating or match-up site in the last month, while only 9 percent of heterosexual men agreed.

The question asks, “Which of the following have you done in the past month?” Twenty-six percent of gay men answered they had “visited a dating or match-up website ( i.e. Chemistry.com, Match.com, or Gay.com). Less than 1 in 10 heterosexual men (9%) reported visiting a dating site. As a group, gay & lesbian adults visit online dating services more frequently (20%) than heterosexuals (6%) as well.

Harris Interactive conducted the study online between March 11 and 19, 2008. More than 2,733 U.S. adults (ages 18 and over) participated. Over 13% of the respondents self identified as gay or lesbian.

The poll also found a similar trend with other online activities. When asked about blogs, more than half (51%) of the gay & lesbian respondents reported reading a blog, compared to 36 percent of heterosexual adults. And when the participants were asked about their feelings about blog advertising, gay & lesbians reported positive feelings at more than twice the rate of heterosexuals (19% vs. 8%).