The French Senate on Friday approved a bill which seeks to legalize marriage and adoption for gay and lesbian couples.

Lawmakers voted with a show of hands.

The legislation now heads back to the lower house, the National Assembly, to reconcile changes made to the bill in the Senate. Those changes are considered minor.

“This law will allow gay people to no longer be clandestine in their families and in the Republic,” Family Minister Dominique Bertinotti told colleagues in the Senate.

The move comes a day after the Uruguay parliament approved a similar bill.

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Even though the bill is now certain to become law, opponents are planning another protest march next month.

The fight against “marriage for all” has been waged mostly on the streets of Paris. The heated rhetoric of opponents is being blamed for a spike in homophobic acts, both physical and verbal.

“We expected opposition, but not to that extent,” said Dominique Boren, vice president of the Association of Gay and Lesbian Parents. “We've heard things about homosexuals we hadn't heard in over 30 years.”

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